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NMiTE’s Design Cohort

From September 2018 25 unique people embarked on a unique mission.

They are helping us to create the student experience for what is aiming to  be Britain’s first wholly new university in 40 years.

We’re calling this project the Design Cohort. Because they are designing no less than a new form of higher education.

From campus layout to curriculum design. From trialling new models of learning to new ways of student living.

Writing their Future. Designing ours.

25 enterprising individuals from across the UK have come to Hereford to help design, build and test key components of the NMiTE experience.

They’ll have joined us for one or more stints of 14-16 weeks, starting September 2018, January and May 2019.

What they’ll be doing?

A typical week will include working as a whole group, as well as in teams of five (NMiTE’s future learning approach). Topics will range from ideas on student life (health, sports, culture, community) to input on the delivery of the curriculum; how students will be assessed; student accommodation; academic buildings and equipment; community relations; marketing and more.

The Design Cohort is a unique opportunity for us and for them.

For us, to involve the brightest and most diverse talent to examine, create, test-drive and validate ideas for a university for and of the future.

And for them? We think it’s going to be fascinating, incredibly enriching and certainly CV-boosting. In the Design Cohort we think they’ll rapidly uncover new skills and talents and put them to use in exciting ways.

They'll gain skills and knowledge in...

  • Agile Thinking
  • Concept Development
  • Communication
  • Presentation
  • Project Management
  • Negotiation
  • People Dynamics
  • Initiative
  • Team-Working
  • Innovation

And they'll also...

…make new friends, contacts, and connections with academics, practitioners and employers from a wide range of professions and industries – all in a beautiful location.

And they’ll make history! After all, this has never been done before in the UK.