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Are you cut out for our Pioneer Cohort?

NMiTE will have a new way of educating. Our approach will range across disciplines and integrate deeply with creativity and design – delivering work-ready graduates that employers and industry so desperately require. Participants will ‘learn by doing’ via a curriculum that has been co-created with industry and the community to meet the engineering demands of the 21st century.

Based in Hereford NMiTE will open its doors to 50 Pioneer Cohort students in September 2019 (subject to Validation). By 2020, it’s expected that a minimum of 175 students will be based in Hereford from where NMiTE will deliver the world’s most distinctive and innovative engineering curriculum.

What we’re looking for

  • Learners from a range of backgrounds but who have a passion for creativity, innovation and ‘problem solving’
  • Resilient ‘future engineers’ who have the grit and perseverance to flourish in a challenge-based environment
  • Highly skilled communicators, instinctively curious, agile and collegiate in their approach
  • World citizens who are socially aware with a strong appreciation of both the context and the implications of their work, both locally and globally

About the learning programme

NMiTE’s Integrated Engineering Degree programme has been purposely created to broaden pathways into studying engineering. We aim to cultivate the critical processes of Creativity, Design and Innovation through constant practice of these processes embedded throughout the engineering curriculum.

Learners will undertake real-world challenges developed with NMiTE’s industry partners such as Arup, Southampton FC, and Virgin Media. As such, student-centric learning will take place through a series of seminars, tutorials and continual academic support. At NMiTE an educator is available throughout the working day, providing direct guidance and focused expertise in a Studio environment.


The programme material will align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals that aim to address the global issues related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice.


Learners will work on a number of set challenges over either 1 or 3.5-weeks, during which they will acquire specific skills and competencies through team-based activities. Learners gain their knowledge and understanding through hands-on investigation and through other resources selected to meet an individual’s needs.

Learners and educators alike have one, and only one, focus at any one time – their time is dedicated to one challenge in one place or ‘home’.


Learners will keep a portfolio of achievement which details the key skills, competencies, knowledge and understanding each student must achieve in the challenge. From the collection of challenges, learners will be able to provide multiple examples of the depth and breadth of their abilities.


NMiTE offers an accelerated programme – over the course of three years, learners gain an integrated Masters qualification (MEng). Academic years are longer than other institutions (46 weeks) which means, with a high level of student commitment, we fit in more learning over the course of a year. You will graduate with a Masters qualification in Integrated Engineering.

Want to know more

If you think you have the grit, curiosity and passion to become one of our Pioneer Cohort then we’d love to hear from you. Register your interest below and one of the NMiTE team will contact you directly to discuss entry for September 2019.

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