Feedback from our Studio participants

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Patryk B – Brecon High School   

“ Myself along with 7 of the other pupils in year 9, had the opportunity and chance to spend the day with 2 experienced engineers. They discussed with us what it is like to be an engineer today and shared their views on the future of engineering.  

During the day we had to tackle an engineering problem. It was an example of a standard problem actual engineers could face in a normal everyday work situation. Through this task, we learnt what being an engineer is all about. Throughout the day, we had to stay on task to solve the client’s problem so in turn, we were taught how to think and act like an engineer, and what people in this line of business have to do.  

It was a great experience and in the course of the day we learnt many useful skills and were shown ways to start a career in engineering. This was a very unique experience that we were all lucky enough to get to experience. “   


Matt –  Christopher Whitehead Language School, Worcester 

I enjoyed NMiTE, this is because I got to design a product form a new perspective as well as be creative in my use of technology I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. Overall it was a good day which I enjoyed.  


Jonathan –  Christopher Whitehead Language School, Worcester 

I enjoyed designing a product and coming up with initial ideas on the iPad and macbook. I also liked working in groups. I think it helped me to think of the problems associated with designing a product and to think of engineering as a possible career choice.“  


Katie –  Christopher Whitehead Language School, Worcester 

“ I enjoyed getting to use the Mac books and Ipads with Apple pencil. It was cool to see the technology (laser cutters and 3D printers) make something we designed. I liked how we were free to think and create rather then being old facts by teachers. It was fun to do practical work rather than just writing staff down that our teachers tell us to. “  


Emma –  Christopher Whitehead Language School, Worcester 

“ Today was a good learning experience for me because I found out a lot about the world of engineering. It was enjoyable although I discovered it was not my cup of tea. #greenteaisnotforme  

Various Students from Gwernyfed High School, Three Cocks, Brecon, Powys, Wales

“In the STEM workshop we used 3D printing and laser cutting to solve an engineering problem. We worked in teams to create prototypes and then the final thing. The day was very exciting and informative.” 

“The experience was very informative and interesting and I learned a lot. I enjoyed working as a team and building a model of our design.” 

“I found the STEM experience fun and very interesting and I learned a lot about engineering and the careers available from it.”