Ingenuity Studio at Hay Festival 2019 – by Geena Ware 

2019-06-07T14:38:38+01:00June 7th, 2019|

The Hay Festival, an annual 10 day festival of the Arts celebrating everything from literature to science took place in Hay-on-Wye ‘The Town of Books’. People from far and wide gather to learn and explore important topics and to share experiences with new people. There was a big theme of engineering the future and transforming education which is very fitting. We hosted pre-event drinks for NMiTE Founders and Supporters in the Studio before John Browne’s talk, ‘MAKE, THINK, IMAGINE: ENGINEERING AND THE FUTURE OF CIVILISATION.’ 

The Ingenuity Studio attended Hay to open people’s minds to the endless possibilities of engineering and to spread the word about NMiTE’s New Model of Higher Education. Our programme lead, Steve, and team, Nick, Daisy and the Design Cohort engaged young people in engineering workshops to inspire them to consider careers in engineering. Nick was our wiring a plug pro which is a life skill that many people no longer learn! Daisy was our micro:bit mastermind and taught our participants some coding.  

The participants learned how to safely wire a plug and what the colour of each wire signifies. They then tested their plugs on a creatively built generator to create a current and see how much voltage they could produce. The other workshop involved creating a basic water sensor and many of the participants were familiar with drag and drop coding which was great to see!  

Design Cohort Participants Geena Ware, Megan Lane and Sophia Stevens volunteered in the Studio and spread the word about NMiTE to hundreds of passers-by. They spoke to artists, academics, families, Herefordians and tourists about NMiTE’s innovative engineering education offer!  

We welcomed all ages to an Open Studio drop in each afternoon and demonstrated our 3D scanner and 3D printer. It’s said that 3D printing is the future of manufacturing, not only prototyping, which sparked many conversations with engineers who had wondered over to us. We asked people what they would 3D print if they could use any material, answers varied from money and toys to chocolate models!