Ingenuity Studio at Hereford Sixth Form College

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Hereford Sixth Form College Sprint

The first group of eight College students started their Sprint on Tuesday 20th November. This week’s challenge hit close to home for some of them as they were tasked with designing a writing aid for one of their teachers at the College who has limited upper body strength.


Brief, brainstorm, plan and prototype – those were the stages of development that the groups went through. The students came up with a broad variety of potential solutions. Some were thinking of flexible whiteboard mounted on a conveyer belt which could be moved up and down by a controller on the teacher’s wheelchair.  Others utilised a scissor lift built into the wheelchair to allow him to reach the whole whiteboard. Another group came up with a telescopic arm attached to whiteboard marker.


The last day of our Studio in front of the Sixth Form is on Friday. Our next stop is the Hereford College of Arts…

A Sprint at Ingenuity Studio is Fun!