Inspirational and Motivational Engineers needed to give presentations at Schools and Colleges

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NMiTE Ingenuity Studio is broadening its list of Engineers from the region who are enthusiastic about engaging young people in engineering as a career option. We are looking for a diverse group of Engineers from various branches of engineering to present at host schools and colleges in Powys, Herefordshire, Worcestershire.

The aim of the NMiTE Ingenuity Studio programme is to inspire a new passion for engineering as a lifelong career, beginning with becoming an engineer at NMiTE. Creating opportunities for young people to participate in exciting and innovative problem-solving projects, Studio 1 is a high-tech studio created from a refurbished shipping container. It houses an array of lab-style and low-tech equipment. Studio 1 is travelling to host schools, colleges and events in the region and delivering a broad programme of activity for young people. Whilst the studio is at the host school/ college, we arrange presentations during assemblies from local Engineers with an undergraduate and/or postgraduate engineering qualification.

Presentations need to address the Engineer’s chosen strand of engineering, what their work entails, their educational/career journey, any obstacles/barriers they have faced, and some idea/story gems to give young audiences an insight in to engineering as a career. We want to switch as many young people as possible on to engineering and broaden the engineering workplace so it reflects the society we live in i.e. more diversity. The presentations need to be both relaxed and highly engaging – images/video and interesting asides. We don’t ask for much! Presentations vary in length according to the needs of the school –often 20 min slots.

You won’t be obliged to say yes when we approach you but once you do say yes we require that your booking is firm.

To register your interest or for further information, please email