IoT Lab Seminar

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NMiTE Ingenuity Studio IoT Lab Seminar

Friday 26th April 2019 

4 to 5.30pm

6a StPeters Street Hereford HR1 2LE

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Peter Karney, Head of Product Innovation, Digital Catapult – Gateways to the Internet of Things

Daisy Hung & Simon Wihl, NMiTE Ingenuity Studio – IoT Lab

IoT (Internet of Things) is the connection of things to the internet as well as the connection, communication and the exchange of data between things via the internet (typically referred to as Machine to Machine – M2M). IoT enables things to communicate, monitor and carryout tasks without any human interface or interaction. From the simple collation of data to radicalising decision making processes, IoT is increasingly utilised in industry and offers a host of possible new applications for those working in engineering as well as the creative and cultural industries.

For young people, exposure to computing with micro-processors, coding and electronic components such as sensors enables them to become confident producers rather than just consumers of technology. It also ensures young people are informed citizens with an understanding of the impact to society of computing, networked devices and Big Data.

IoT Lab Seminar aims to attract educators, engineers, local businesses and creatives to explore IoT (Internet of Things) where we will also celebrate IoT Lab, an NMiTE Ingenuity Studio initiative for young people, launching at The Courtyard Centre for the Arts during the Easter holidays.

Gateways to the Internet of Things

Peter Karney, Head of Product Innovation, Digital Catapult –

From the first moment that mankind developed the ability to speak, communication has been key to survival, development, growth, education, social interaction and progress. For many years, communication was limited to audio and visual interaction between people who, on the whole, had to be within sight of one another. The invention of the telephone allowed people to communicate, while being quite literally on the other side of the world. The advent of the computer led to the need for data networks to span the globe transferring ever increasing amounts of data at the speed of light. But now there is a new revolution, the Internet of Things, physical objects and infrastructure needing to communicate with both the cloud, people and also with themselves. These applications need a completely new form of infrastructure, network design and radio technology to send tiny amounts of data over huge distances using almost no power. During this talk we will learn about some of the applications of IoT, the market for them, the underlying network technologies and if all works well build our own IoT device, provision it on a network and transmit some data.

IoT Lab

Daisy Hung, Studio Facilitator, NMiTE Ingenuity Studio & Simon Wihl, Ingenuity Ambassador –

NMiTE Ingenuity Studio is launching it Spring Programme with IoT Lab in Studio 1 at The Courtyard Centre for the Arts, in Hereford where we will be celebrating the Internet of Things. During IoT Lab, young people will code on an Arduino or BBC micro:bit, creating devices using electronics, sensors and actuators which will connect, interact and exchange data over the internet using the LoraWAN or WiFi.

IoT Lab provides an experience of studying towards a career in engineering through the exploration of ideas, design and making in a very practical sense. IoT Lab has been developed in partnership with volunteer Ingenuity Ambassadors – professional Engineers and experts in Software and Electronic Engineering and Product Innovation.

Studio 1 is a high-tech studio created from a refurbished shipping container which houses an array of lab-style equipment. Studio 1 is equipped with electronic kits 3D printers, laser cutters and specialist software – the tools of rapid prototyping and multidisciplinary engineering.

NMiTE’s Ingenuity Studio programme aims to inspire a new passion for engineering as a lifelong career, beginning with becoming an engineer at NMiTE.  Creating opportunities for young people to participate in exciting and innovative problem-solving projects, the programme provides young people with an experience of studying towards a career in engineering through the exploration of ideas, design and making in a very practical sense which reflects NMiTE’s approach to teaching and learning.



Peter Karney, Head of Product Innovation, Digital Catapult

Peter currently heads up the Product Innovation team at the Digital Catapult – a national centre to rapidly advance the UK’s best digital ideas. One of his current projects is the launch and roll out of Things Connected an LPWAN radio network and innovation support programme targeting UK businesses who wish to leverage the capabilities of LPWAN technologies. Providing startups, small businesses and developers improved awareness of LPWAN networks, Things Connected will foster the emergence of a strong UK based LPWAN ecosystem to ensure the UK is open and ready to innovate with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Peter brings over 20 years’ experience in telecommunications services and the product management of digital consumer applications. Peter has worked for some of the largest telecoms companies such as NEC and Vodafone where he was involved in 5 new mobile network launches across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has also worked for some smaller start-ups and innovation organisations such as Livewire Mobile, Wholesale Applications Community and Hibu Labs. Peter specialises in product management and holds an Engineering Degree in Electronics for UMIST and is a chartered engineer.

Peter’s academic origins and background are in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering but over the course of his career he has embraced the areas of Product Management and User Experience.

Daisy Hung, Studio Facilitator, NMiTE Ingenuity Studio

Daisy has joined the team as a Studio Facilitator to run engineering workshops in the Ingenuity Studio. As a recent electronic engineering graduate, her research focused heavily on antenna technology and energy harvesting for a positive environmental impact. Thus, her interests lie in the art of problem solving, in particular, with the use of electronic components to develop novel solutions.

Simon Wihl, Ingenuity Ambassador, NMiTE Ingenuity Studio

Simon has joined the team as Voluntary Ingenuity Studio Ambassador to help run engineering workshops and advise on engineering solutions. He is an Experienced Software engineer from industry with an extensive background in all aspects of software and engineering as well as electronics. His interests also lie in astronomy and archery.