NMiTE Ingenuity Studio win Jisc’s IoT Competition!

2019-04-29T21:05:11+01:00April 29th, 2019|

NMiTE Ingenuity Studio team has won a LoRaWAN gateway from Jisc as part of their Things Connected programme in collaboration with Digital Catapult to stimulate the uptake LPWAN technologies and solutions across the UK economy. The programme’s mission is to ensure a wider availability at various venues across the higher, further education and skills sector within the Jisc community – read more about Jisc below.

As a result of the award, NMiTE is installing a permanent LoRaWAN Gateway at the new Blackfrairs Street site enabling NMiTE to bring LoRaWAN coverage to Hereford. NMiTE is a university project at the beginning of its journey. NMiTE aspires to have IoT embedded throughout the fabric of our Blackfriars Street location and this project kick-starts that aim. NMiTE Ingenuity Studio will be sharing the launch date of the gateway, related information, success stories and IoT Seminar – related events through our Studio Blog.

NMiTE Ingenuity Studio’s submission to win the IoT Competition was selected along with nine other ideas from educational organisations in the UK. The winning proposal is to utilise a LoRaWAN gateway to explore how mechanical devices can respond to physical/online social media activity. The aim is to visually and kinesthetically strengthen awareness of an organisation by enabling some aspects of the organisation’s physical or online activity to be ‘made manifest’ elsewhere. Our Ingenuity Ambassadors are busy developing software and hardware to support kinetic, physical devices which will utilise the dedicated infrastructure of LoRaWAN technology and The Things Network (TTN). We want to celebrate the enormous potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) with an emphasis on how IoT can control mechanical devices. As a potential extension to the project, we will conversely explore users’ spatial interactions with a device to inform off and online activity elsewhere. We are keen to research the potential ‘readability’ of a device informed by single or simultaneous data streams as well as utilising physical computing as a way of understanding data. Jisc provides UK universities and colleges with shared digital infrastructure and services with the aim that the UK is the most digitally-advanced higher education, further education and research nation in the world. NMiTE has recently been working with Jisc on NMiTE’s plans for digital provision.