NMiTE’s successful exhibit at The Big Bang Fair!

2019-03-28T21:30:00+01:00March 28th, 2019|

NMiTE visited The Big Bang Fair in Birmingham for the first time this March and had a very successful few days engaging young people, meeting teachers, parents and supporters alike and spreading the word about our university in-the-making.

Real-World Engineering Challenges are at the heart of everything we do at NMiTE. With no lecturers or essays, learners develop their Engineering skills through real-world challenges set by industry and the community. Furthermore NMiTE believes in teamwork – after all it is what is all important in the workplace.

That is why at our stand, young people had the chance to experience a little bit of our unique approach and new way of teaching and learning: they were tasked to address a real-world challenge that was presented in the form of a short film and set by industry and the local community in Hereford.  They then brainstormed and designed their possible solution to this challenge and submitted their idea for the chance to win the Challenge Prize – a smartphone camera rig for their school so that they can begin to create their own real-world challenges and use them in the classroom.

NMiTE’s Real Engineers were on hand at all times to discuss, provoke and guide individuals and groups to address the challenge and to develop their ideas.

At the fair we received 450 submissions from an amazing total of 196 schools, colleges and home-educated young people. Participants were very enthusiastic, wholeheartedly taking up the challenge and producing some fantastic ideas!

The Engineers nominated one school who made the most significant contribution to the big idea board. We are pleased to announce that the winning design was submitted by Angus Graham, Year 8, from Torquay Academy who came up with an ingenuous method of sensing rising flood levels using a float within an underwater inlet. Daisy Hung, one of the Engineers on the team selecting the design, states “Angus’ design is particularly striking as it incorporates an original method of capturing the data. At flood risk level, a float touches a button which triggers a message to be sent to a Raspberry Pi connected, via the internet, to a resident’s smart phone.” Congratulation to both Angus and Torquay Academy. We really look forward to seeing your own real-world engineering challenge films.

Our President and Chief Executive Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon also visited the Fair and was invited to be one of the all-female VIP panellist on the ‘Meet the Future You’ stage where she was quizzed by young people on topics like what her favourite subjects were in school!

On the Family day we were lucky enough to be supported by our fantastic ambassadors as well as their families, big and small alike, who all contributed to make the day a truly memorable and successful event!

You can watch our Real-World Engineering Challenges on our YouTube channel and watch a slideshow of our days at the Fair here.