The Big Assembly

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Tomorrow’s Engineers Week Big Assembly was a live, interactive video stream on the morning of the 7th November. It offered schools across the UK the chance to simultaneously take part in the same assembly on Engineering with a mission to encourage young people to take their ideas, passions and dreams and turn them into Engineering careers. Amongst the 45,000+ viewers Ingenuity Studio’s Sprint participants of the day, eight home-schooled young 13 to 15 year-olds, watched with great interest as a panel of inspiring Engineers gave invaluable insight on what a career in engineering means along with useful tips and information on entering the career and continuing professional development.

One of the Big Assembly panel members who we found remarkable, was Sankha Kahagala-Gamage, a student at Loughborough Grammar School, who is on a mission to save epilepsy sufferers’ lives.  Sankha designed and produced a wearable electronic device that detects epileptic seizures eight minutes before they occur. Having witnessed an epileptic attack he wanted to use his skills to help people suffering from epilepsy get to a safe place before an attack happens. Sankha and his friend David won Young Engineer of the Year at the Big Bang Fair 2017.

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (5th– 9th November 2018) aims to change perceptions of Engineering among young people, their parents/carers and teachers/educators and to inspire future Engineers.

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Sankha and David