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There is a huge need to diversify the range of people who go to university to study engineering and the current route for entry is prohibitive for many potential engineers. NMiTE is such a great opportunity for young people and it opens up new possibilities within the educational sector and the region.

Taking the Ingenuity Studio to host venues across the UK, the team aim to give a range of young people a taste of what a career in engineering is all about.

Steven Haines

Steve has joined the team as the Ingenuity Studio Program Lead.

He is an experienced aircraft engineer with over 25 years’ experience in maintaining helicopters. More recently he has been involved with training delivery within the aviation industry.

His interests include cycling and F1.

Ryan Harwood

Ryan, from Bridgend, South Wales, joined NMiTE as a Studio Facilitator.

His interest in engineering began at GCSE level where he gained a BTEC diploma. From here he carried his interest in engineering through to a level where he gained a National diploma in mechanical engineering.

After 2 years of working he decided to go to university to study automotive engineering in Swansea where his real passion for engineering blossomed. He enjoyed every aspect of his work while at university and from there his passion has only grown.

Now he is delivering an education on the subject that he loves at NMiTE.

Daisy Hung

Daisy has joined the team as a Studio Facilitator to run engineering workshops in the Ingenuity Studio.

As a recent electronic engineering graduate, her research focused heavily on antenna technology and energy harvesting for a positive environmental impact.

Thus, her interests lie in the art of problem solving, in particular, with the use of electronic components to develop novel solutions.

Gabriella Karney

Gabriella joined NMiTE as an Ingenuity Studio Ambassador and is involved with the media aspects of the operation: photography, videography, social media and website management as well as school and parents liaison.

Gabriella’s background is in education, business and management consultancy and more recently she has been working as a self-employed photographer.

Gabriella is fascinated by emerging technologies and passionate about inspiring and enabling young bright minds.


Simon Wihl

Simon has joined the team as Voluntary Ingenuity Studio Ambassador to help run engineering workshops and advise on engineering solutions.

He is an Experienced Software engineer from industry with an extensive background in all aspects of software and engineering as well as electronics.

His interests also lie in astronomy and archery.


Nick Prince

Nick has joined the Ingenuity studio as a Volunteer Studio Ambassador.

Over the last 35 years Nick has been an Electrician, salesperson, electronics manufacturer, soldering applications engineer, sales engineer and currently a Learning and Development trainer and developer.

Other interest include walking his dog Sully and making a whole lot of sawdust in his shed.

John Sheppard

John recently became a part of the team volunteering as an Ingenuity Ambassador. 

 He is a teacher with 37 years’ extensive experience at all levels in education in the West Midlands. John is a published author with a focus on student learning. 

John will be working with the Ingenuity Studio with a focus on teaching and learning. 

Albert Pitcher

Albert has joined the team as Voluntary Studio Ambassador to advise on engineering challenges and solutions.

Currently working at the Royal National College for the Blind as the Mathematics teacher.

An ex-electronics engineer in the Royal Navy and Mathematics/Technology teacher since 1993.

Interests include adaptive tech (for visually impaired students), Electronics, Robotics and Space Tech.

Nick Hardiman

Nick has joined the team as Voluntary Studio Ambassador. 

Nick works as a software developer. He works with application software for Internet services.  Application software is what people use - it is built on Operating System software and OS software is built on hardware.

Nick started working in the IT industry around the time the web was invented.


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